Posted on 03/05/2022

6 Ways to Have A Clean Home with a Pet

At first glance, it may be very difficult to maintain your home’s cleanliness when you have a pet. Animals are active, and they love to run and play with you during the day. Also, they may shed hair and bring dirt with them after coming back from outside. To you, these precious creatures are the whole world, but you also want to maintain your home clean, since a dirty house is a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. This will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also will prevent your guests from enjoying their day with you. 

Don’t worry! We’ve compiled 6 tips to maintain a clean home with a pet to make both you and your buddy happy and healthy. Let’s start!

1. Start From Cleaning Your Pets

If you want to maintain a home clean, first of all, you need to clean your pet. Set up a pet grooming routine to keep your adorable animal clean. 

While it may be different for each pet, as a rule of thumb you can bathe your dog every four weeks. Light trims around the ears, face and genital areas need to be done every 4 to 6 weeks. While you shouldn’t use pet shampoo on a regular basis, a  quick rinse with plain water can make a huge impact. Keep wet dogs in one location, especially one with an easy-to-clean floor, such as a kitchen or laundry room. 

The most difficult aspect of owning a pet is dealing with the shedding of pet hair throughout the house. Brushing on a regular basis will reduce the amount of hair shed. Brush quickly to get the coat out so that it doesn’t collect on your house. It would be even better to brush your pet outside so that you won’t have to sweep up the house floor. 

If your pet needs de-shedding and trimming, you can ask a professional groomer to help you. 

2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Begin sweeping or wiping from the room’s edges toward the centre. You can use dust wipes for that. To pick up troublesome hairs and help eliminate odours, look for a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner. If you have a shedder, you’ll need to vacuum at least once a day to stay on top of things. Make sure to clean the filter on a regular basis, since a hair and dirt-clogged filter can spread the odour of pets when you vacuum.

Your vacuum cleaner should be able to successfully take up pet hair. It should have strong suction, be able to work on all surfaces, and not become blocked by excess hair easily. You’ll want one that has an excellent filter and is simple to empty. It should be able to reach all of the hard-to-reach places and have tools for cleaning upholstery. 

3. Clean Kitchen Countertops

Some pets, particularly cats, tend to walk on surfaces where food is prepared or consumed. With that in mind, always use a paper towel, cleaning solutions, and wipes to clean the surface before and after putting food on the counter. You need to store knives, cutting boards, and other food preparation instruments in cupboards and drawers.

And it’s essential to wash your hands after touching or feeding your pet to prevent zoonotic disease. It’s never a bad idea to wash your hands properly, using a sufficient amount of soap and water. And don’t forget about drying your hands, as a damp surface is a great place for germs and bacteria to thrive. 

4. Choose the Best Products

Check to see if the cleaning solutions you’ve picked are safe to use around your pet. Bleach and other caustic compounds should be avoided.

Also, if you don’t want your house to have a bad odour or pet smell, you need to open windows for fresh air to come in. You can also consider air purifiers for your home. 

5. Remove Urine

We all understand that at first, it’s difficult to train a new puppy, cat, bunnies, and other small animals on how to use the toilet. A bottle of stain remover will come in handy if you have an accident. It will prevent stains on your carpet and will keep your home smelling fresh. 

It’s critical to wipe up any urine or vomit stains quickly and thoroughly from a hygiene standpoint, to eradicate any scents, and to reduce the possibility of the pet returning to the same location. Pet urine is strong, and you may believe you’ve cleaned it all up. However, uric acid frequently lingers. The most effective products are those that contain enzymes that reduce uric acid.

6. Clean the Bedding and Toys

It’s critical to maintain a regular cleaning plan, whether it’s for your dog or cat’s bedding. Dirty cages can cause a bad odour in your home as well as can build up germs and bacteria. Vinegar can help dissolve any hard-to-remove pee deposits. High-quality, absorbent mattress material can help to reduce unpleasant odours and reduce the frequency of cleaning the bedding. For instance, good cage hygiene is essential for keeping your bird healthy as well as preventing odours and unnecessary feathers from accumulating in your home.

Besides cleaning the bedding of your pet, don’t forget about the importance of cleaning toys and bowls that your pets love to play with which can also contain bacteria and germs. For your pet’s health and pleasure, it’s essential to keep toys and bowls clean. 

These were some tips you can consider for keeping your home clean. Don’t forget to opt for Hospeco to find the best hygiene products! Stay healthy!

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