1. When was Hospeco Established?

Hospeco was established in Feb 1997

2. Where are the products made?

Some Hospeco products are manufactured in our factory in Australia and others are sourced from various leading manufacturers in Australia, USA, Europe, Taiwan, China, Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia to name a few.

3. What does Hospeco stand for?

HOS (Hospital) SPE (Specialty) CO (Company). Our products are generally Hygiene, Cleaning and Washroom related, hence the Name.

4. Are there minimum orders?

No there is no minimum orders. Please note though the more you order the lower the prices.

5. Can I order from your Website?

Yes you can, if you require any assistance please contact us, admin@hospecoonline.com or (02) 9756 0055

6. Can I pick up my order?

Yes you can, we have warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne, addresses and maps are available in the Contact TAB

7. Can I change my order after I confirmed and paid?

If your order has not been dispatched, yes you are welcome to change. Please contact us via email admin@hospecoonline.com or call us direct on (02) 9756 0055