In hospitals, nursing homes, schools, the food industry, and other public places, foam soaps are rapidly replacing conventional liquid soaps. Let’s check on why that is the case and analyse the insights on why to choose it over other alternatives. 

What is a foam soap dispenser? 

Foaming hand soap is, in reality, a form of liquid soap. It’s made from a diluted liquid soap that’s mixed with air when it exits the dispenser to make a foamy lather. To use foaming hand soap properly, you’ll need specialised dispensers.

Soaps: Liquid vs. Foaming There isn’t much difference in efficacy between these two types of soap. The difference, however, is in the application. People prefer to wash their hands for a shorter period because of the pre-formed foam in Australia, and it also washes off faster than gel soap.

Is it Better Than Regular Soap?

Aside from the convenience of making your soap pre-foamed, foaming soap is superior to standard liquid soap in several respects. Here’s how to do it:

  • When soap is dispensed from a foaming dispenser, people use less of it. This saves money and ensures that the foaming soap lasts longer.
  • People use 15% less water to lather with foaming soap, which saves water and is better for the climate. Using foaming soap saves 45 per cent of the water used in conventional handwashing if you just use water to clean your hands and don’t use water for the original hand washing.
  • Foaming hand soap cuts down on the amount of soap you use per hand wash, allowing you to get more washes out of each package. This indicates that you’re reducing the amount of packaging you’re using.

Types of foam soap dispenser 

From stainless steel to manual foam dispenser, Hospeco offers a wide range of products that will serve your business for a long time. Make sure to check the details about each specific product below. 

Less Time consuming to create foam in your hand

Foam soap dispensers in Australia have several benefits over conventional liquid soap for customers. The amount of water used is perhaps the most significant cost difference between foam and conventional lotion soap.

In addition, according to industry reports, people who wash their hands with foaming hand soap use 16 percent less water per wash than those who use liquid soap. Similarly, when hands are not damp before lathering, water consumption can be decreased by up to 45 per cent, as the foam soap allows for lathering without additional water.

Foaming soap dispensers in Australia allows you to get more hand washes per package, which benefits the environment by reducing packaging and shipping impacts.

Commercial customers who manage bathrooms in high-traffic areas, such as airports, entertainment venues, public attractions, or large office buildings, can see several million hand washes each year. For these soap users, a 10% reduction in water use from handwashing has a major financial effect.

In reality, the liquid soap user could use 56,000 litres (14,800 gallons) more water per million hand washes than the foam soap user. 

Environmentally Friendly

Beyond the financial advantages of foam soap over lotion, there are also environmental advantages. Because of the forced air that induces natural lathering, foaming soaps usually biodegrade faster than conventional soaps. As a consequence, there is less soap in the sink, which is safer for the environment.

Water protection has environmental benefits that might not be immediately apparent when thinking about foam soap. Foam dispensers are usually refilled less often than lotion soap dispensers, and foam allows manufacturers to produce less soap per sale, resulting in lower transportation emissions and less packaging for delivery.

These factors, along with the fact that foaming soap uses less soap and water per wash, lead to the environmental and financial advantages of foaming soap.

Using foam soap dispensers in Australia can be beneficial both financially and environmentally. In case you are looking for high quality and diverse foam dispensers make sure to check our products and contact us for further details! 

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