Posted on 08/06/2022

Tips to Choose the Right Garbage Bag

Whenever you manage your waste, you use garbage bags to not spread the trash all around your building. Once you want to carry the garbage from one place to another, you need high-quality garbage bags that will not tear away because of the quantity of your waste. Its major function is to keep your waste contained while it travels from the can to its final stop, before being disposed of permanently. 

We are here to discuss some of the factors you can consider when choosing a garbage bag to get the most out of waste management. Let’s start!

1. Thickness

The thickness of trash packs is commonly measured in mils, which equals one-thousandth of an inch. The majority of garbage bags at the store will be up to .90 mil thick which you can find on the front of the box. Let’s say you have an office and want to buy a trash bag that will be used for only paper. You need to know that .90 mil will be okay for that function. However, if your garbage contains needles, punctures, glass, or other sharp objects, you’ll need a trash bag with a thickness of a minimum of 2.0 mil. 

So, depending on what you’re disposing of, consider the thickness of a garbage bag. 

2. Size

The next consideration should be the size of your bag. By considering the size of your bin you need to buy a bag that fits the container. It’s usually best to buy a larger garbage bag if you can’t find one in the exact size you need.

Always look at the length and width of the bag before buying it. The garbage bag you buy must hang about 4 inches from the can’s sides. 

3. Colour

Black and white are the most frequent colours for garbage bags. Black bags are also the cheapest since they are manufactured from the most recyclable materials. They go well with different trash cans. White bags, on the other hand, are popular since they are subtle and blend in well with their surroundings. 

Opaque garbage bin liners are excellent since they cover unpleasant trash. This is especially significant in the hospitality industry where trash has to be transported through public areas. Clear bags are another popular choice. They are commonly used for recycling and lighter trash, such as paper. For medical waste, you need to buy bags that have a biohazard symbol. 

So, always use colour-coded garbage bags to separate waste (e.g. paper, glass, plastic, etc.) in order to recycle more items and protect the environment. 

4. Closure

Garbage bags can be provided with or without closure. Many manufacturers can make them with or without a closing, such as an easy tie, drawstring, or twist tie. The option will be determined by the type of garbage you manage. The drawstring is preferred by the majority of individuals. It aids in gripping the can and allows for a quick and simple tie. For bigger garbage bags, flap ties may be preferable. Furthermore, they are frequently less costly than drawstring bags.

5. Price

The cost is an essential consideration when you want to buy a garbage bag for your office. If you’re purchasing in quantity for a company that creates a lot of garbage, you need to buy bags that are cost-effective and don’t sacrifice the quality. It’s good to conduct some research to determine which firm will provide the best value. Purchasing waste bags in bulk might help you save money. 

So, if you need bags for a company, then you need to consider the cost not to waste extra money. 

Benefits of Garbage Bags

Now as you know how to choose garbage bags, it’s time to understand what benefits they have:

  • Clean trash cans — With garbage bags, you can maintain the cleanliness of your trash cans, as you’ll be able to prevent bad odour and build-up of debris and decay.
  • Maintained human health — When you don’t bag garbage, it causes the spread of bacteria and germs that are dangerous to human health. 
  • Waste segmentation — You can buy colour-coded bags and segment the waste streams by things, which in its turn will help to recycle items and divert waste from landfills. 
  • Easy transportation — Garbage bags allow you to neatly bundle all of your trash and carry it from one location to another.
  • Clean Environment — If you throw your garbage out without bags, it will quickly contaminate the environment, making it filthy as animals like dogs and cats will come to open trash, spreading the mess all over the roadways.

Garbage bags are essential for keeping your house or office clean and sanitary. Improper trash disposal and management may lead to plenty of problems and messes, harming the environment and your health. Once you’ve determined which supplier to hire and which bag would best fit your needs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your house or company is properly disposing of garbage, without harming the surrounding. Hospeco is always here to help you find the best hygiene products. Get in touch with us once your need help!

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