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  • Agar Matte Finish Sealer Floor Sealer, 5L
    Product Code: MAT5

    Agar Matte Finish Sealer Floor Sealer, 5L


    MATTE FINISH is a tough, hard-wearing, water-based floor polish that dries to a low-sheen finish. It will protect floors and cut down on sun-glare, and is fully strippable.

    • Dries to a non-reflective, very low-sheen coating
    • Requires minimal stirring, easy to lay
    • Clear & colourless
    • Non-slip when dry
    • Hard-wearing, tough coating that will last well even under heavy traffic
    • Produces a uniform, streak-free coating
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  • Agar Stone Block Penetrating Sealer, 5L
    Product Code: STO5

    Agar Stone Block Penetrating Sealer, 5L


    STONE BLOCK provides excellent protection for granite, bluestone, marble, terrazzo, limestone, brick, slate, pavers (concrete or terracotta), quarry tiles, sandstone, sadler tiles and concrete. It is therefore suitable for floors, walls, kitchen benches, countertops, bars, and even sculptural pieces.

    • Repels surface stains & dirt
    • Does not change existing appearance of stone or tiles
    • Makes cleaning easier
    • Ideal for use both indoors & outdoors
    • Long-lasting, durable protection
    • Practically odourless
    • Environmentally preferable
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  • Agar Timbertech Floor Polish, 5L
    Product Code: TIMT5

    Agar Timbertech Floor Polish, 5L


    The premium polyurethane polymers in TIMBERTECH make it a very tough, resilient hard-wearing finish. It is ideal for gymnasium floors and also for high-traffic multipurpose halls. Films of TIMBERTECH have high scuff resistance and high chemical resistance.

    • Dries to a tough, clear coating
    • Seals against spillages, water contact & abrasive foot traffic
    • Low-odour & easy-to-apply
    • Enriches the colour of the timber
    • Excellent for timber floors in gymnasiums, classrooms, halls, hotels, offices, restaurants & private homes
    • May be applied to tongue-and-groove timber, floating timber & cork floors
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